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With over 20 year’s history, the IRB has been highlighting and gaining more space in the market. The dedication and commitment of the entire team make the items produced a reference in quality, innovation and security.

Brought to Brazil in 1998, the company was founded in Spain, specializing in bearings and wheels hubs for light automotive line. Since then, it has been operating in the Brazilian market in a wide range, serving all States and with qualified representatives in each of them. With the constant evolution of the market, the company has been renewed to better serve its customers and consequence was the launch in 2018 of two new product lines: Radiators and Cross Joint, which have already won and guaranteed their space in the market.

Headquartered in São Paulo / Brazil, IRB works with commitment and responsibility, always seeking excellence in all items produced, generating a relationship of trust with market professionals and building a loyalty relationship with its partners.

Proven Quality

All products are certified as having all the necessary requirements to serve with quality and technical qualification any automaker. Nowadays we serve about 95% of the Brazilian fleet of vehicles, with products for application in 530 national and imported models of vehicles from 49 different automakers.



IRB Engineering Department works in the Planning, Guarantee and Quality Control sectors focused on the SRQD which are 4 pillars of the IRB:



Strategic sector focused on the new items development and realization of technical training.


Perform with safety and reliability all warranty analysis and technical reports.

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Quality Control

Focus on the continuous improvement of the products lines guaranteeing its safety and high performance.

Our Products

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Bearings, Wheel Hubs, Cross Joints and Radiators.

Check out our full line of Bearing and Wheel Hub.

IRB Bearing and Wheel Hub

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Check out our full line of Cross Joint.

IRB Cross Joint

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Check out our full line of Radiator.

IRB Radiator

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